Transcend Transcend Memoria RAM, 1 GB, DDR2-667 DIMM

Slot compatibili:1 x memoria - DIMM a 240 pin, Capacità:1 GB, Tipo aggiornamento:Specifico del sistema, Progettato per:ASUS Crosshair II Formula Republic of Gamers, G-SURF365 Republic of Gamers, M2A74-AM, M2A74-AM SE, M2A74-AM/C/SI, M2N68, M2N68 PLUS, M2N68-AM, M2N68-AM PLUS, M2N68-AM SE, M2N68-AM SE2, M2N68-AM SE2/C/SI, M2N68-CM, M2N68-SE, M2N68-VM, M2N-E, M2N-VM DH, M3A76-CM, M3A78, M3A78 PRO, M3A78-CM, M3A78-EM, M3A78-T, M3A78-VM, M3A79-T Deluxe, M3N WS, M3N72-D, M3N78, M3N78 PRO, M3N78 SE, M3N78-AM, M3N78-AM/C/SI, M3N78-CM, M3N78-EM, M3N78-VM, M4A77, M4A77D, M4A77T, M4A77T/USB3, M4A77TD, M4A77TD PRO, M4A77TD PRO/U3S6, M4A78 PRO, M4A785D-M PRO, M4A785G HTPC, M4A785G HTPC/RC, M4A785-M, M4A78-E, M4A78-EM, M4A78-EM/1394, M4A78L-M, M4A78L-M LE, M4A79 DELUXE, M4N72-E, M4N78 PRO, M4N78-AM, M4N78-AM V2, M4N82 Deluxe, Maximus Formula, N4L-VM DH, P5E3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP@n, P5G41C-M, P5G41C-M LX, P5G41-M LE, P5G41-M LE/CSM, P5G41-M LX, P5G41-M LX2/GB/LPT, P5G41-M LX2/GB/SI, P5G41-M SI, P5G41-M SI/DVI, P5KPL IPC, P5KPL IPC/SI, P5KPL SE, P5KPL/1600, P5KPL/EPU, P5KPL-AM, P5KPL-AM EPU, P5KPL-AM IN/ROEM/SI, P5KPL-AM SE, P5KPL-AM/PS, P5KPL-CM/1600, P5N73-AM, P5N7A-VM, P5N-VM WS, P5P41D, P5Q PRO Turbo, P5Q SE, P5Q SE PLUS, P5Q SE/R, P5Q SE2, P5Q Turbo, P5Q WS, P5Q3, P5QD Turbo, P5Q-EM, P5Q-EM DO, P5QL, P5QL SE, P5QL SE/C/SI, P5QL/C/SI, P5QL/EPU, P5QL-AM, P5QL-CM, P5QLD PRO, P5QL-EM, P5QL-VM DO, P5QL-VM DO/CSM, P5QL-VM EPU, P5QPL-AM, P5QPL-VM, P5QPL-VM EPU, P5Q-VM, P5Q-VM DO Š ASUS Essentio CT5430-AP002 Š ASUS Main Station Series P5WDG2 WS Professional Š ASUS P Series P1-P5945GC, P1-P5945GCX, P2-M2A690G, P2-M3A3200, P3-P5G31, P3-P5G33, P3-P5G43, P4-P5N9300 Š Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H, GA-EG41MF-S2H, GA-EG45M-UD2H, GA-EP45C-UD3R, GA-EP45-DS3LR, GA-EP45-UD3L, GA-EP45-UD3LR, GA-EQ45M-S2, GA-G41 Memorie, Componenti, Informatica Tact: DDR2 - 667, DRAM Organisation: 128 Mx8, Tensione: 1.8 V, CL: 5, Garanzia trentennale

Il prezzo di Transcend Transcend Memoria RAM, 1 GB, DDR2-667 DIMM è 28.34 € . Questo prodotto appartiene alla TRANSCEND

28.34 €

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