You Might Just As Well Be Healthier! (if you are gonna live longer anyway) (English Edition)

If you had a choice between living a long healthy life that ends with a very brief period of illness, and living a fairly long life accompanied by a prolonged and languishing end of life, which would you choose? Without a doubt, the obvious choice for most of us is the former. Besides, the choice seems rather limited, for we are all going to have a longer life whether we like it or not!

This book will enlighten you as to exactly what you should, and should not do to have a long healthy life with only a very brief end of life disability.

“ You Might Just As Well be Healthier” was written by a physician with some 35 years of a very successful medical practice especially when one measures success of a physician not by the dollar amount earned but by his/her patients’ health outcome and the satisfaction the physician draws from knowing that her/his work made a difference in the outcome of his/her patients.

The author happens to believe fervently the patients not only have the right to know about the diseases they are faced with, but also need to understand the diseases as much as possible in order to manage them optimally. It is with that very conviction that he wrote this book. He did it as if he was still talking to his patients in his office. He explains medical information in a simplified fashion just as he did during his practice. Often times, he repeats his explanation from a different angle to make certain the point he is making has gone across to the patients (readers). He uses many analogies, examples, Q&A’s, vignettes, boxes, cartoons, illustrations and anecdotes, all sprinkled with a dose of subtle humor to make the material more friendly and comprehensible.
In fact, some times the readers may well be swept by an illusion that a doctor is speaking to them, rather than they are reading a book.

When you are done with the book, you will have a very good grasp on many important health topics including; secrets to healthy longevity, preventing several important chronic diseases, avoiding cancers, how to do effective physical exercises and how to make the exercising habit stick, maintaining good immunity, foods to avoid and foods to eat more of, nutritional know-hows and becoming a sophisticated health consumer.
The readers will learn a wide range of significant and useful health information encompassing, from how to save someone’s (including one’s own) life in case of heart attack or stroke to how to shop for olive oil and how to apply sun screen lotion.

You will quickly find this book to be stunningly valuable and a definite keeper! Malattia, Malattia e problemi personali, Salute e benessere, Famiglia, salute e benessere, Libri

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