Cable fascio Connettore per autoradio ISO KENWOOD 16 pin

Fascio connettore ISO Kenwood autoradio 16 pin 22 x 10 mm
Lista autoradio utilizzando questa connessioni:
Serie DPX: dpx301; dpx302; DPX303; dpx313; dpx-500; dpx501; dpx501u; dpx502; dpx502u; dpx502uy; dpx503; dpx503u dpx-510; dpx701; dpx701u; dpx-3030; dpx-3030s; dpx-3050; dpx-3050b; dpx-3070; dpx-3070b; dpx-3090; dpx-3090s; dpx-4010; dpx-4020; dpx-4020/mh4; dpx-4020/PH4; dpx-5010; dpx-5030; dpx-5050; dpx-6020; dpx-6030; dpx-7010md; dpx-8030md
Serie dpx-mp: dpx-mp2090; dpx-mp2090s; dpx-mp2090u; dpx-mp2100; dpx-mp3110; dpx-mp4030; dpx-mp4050; dpx-mp4050b; dpx-mp4070; dpx-mp4070b; dpx-mp4090; dpx-mp4090s; dpx-mp4110; dpx-mp5070; dpx-mp5070b; dpx-mp5100u; dpx-mp5110u; dpx-mp6110u; dpx-mp7050; dpx-mp7090u
Serie KDC: kdc-228; kdc-241; kdc-300rn; kdc-303rg; kdc-305ra; kdc-305rg; kdc-306; kdc-307; kdc-308 a; kdc-308g; kdc-309 a; kdc-309g; kdc-334sa; kdc-334sg; kdc-506; kdc-507; kdc-508; kdc-757; kdc-2027sa; kdc-2027sg; kdc-2092r; kdc-3021; kdc-3024; kdc-3024 a; kdc-3027 a; kdc-3027g; kdc-3031 a; kdc-3031g; kdc-3034 a; kdc-3034g; kdc-3080ra; kdc-3080rg; kdc-3090ra; kdc-3090rg; kdc-4021; kdc-4021 V; kdc-4024; kdc-4024 V; kdc-4027; kdc-4027 V; kdc-4050la; kdc-4050lg; kdc-4060ra; kdc-4060rg; kdc-4070ra; kdc-4070rg; kdc-4070rv; kdc-4080r; kdc-4080rv; kdc-4090r; kdc-4590r; kdc-4590rv; kdc-5021; kdc-5021 V; kdc-5024; kdc-5024 V; kdc-5027; kdc-5060r; kdc-5070r; kdc-5080r; kdc-5090r; kdc-5094r; kdc-6021; kdc-6024; kdc-6060r; kdc-6070r; kdc-6080r; kdc-6080rv; kdc-6090r; kdc-7021; kdc-7021se; kdc-7024; kdc-7027; kdc-7060r; kdc-7070r; kdc-7080r; kdc-7080rv; kdc-7090r; kdc-8021; kdc-8024; kdc-8060r; kdc-8070r; kdc-8070 W; kdc-8080r; kdc-8090r; kdc-9090r
Serie kdc-b: kdc-b7021
Serie kdc-bt: kdc-bt6044; kdc-bt6144; kdc-bt6544u; kdc-bt6544uy
Serie kdc-f: kdc-f324 a; kdc-f327 a; Categorie, Elettronica

Il prezzo di Cable fascio Connettore per autoradio ISO KENWOOD 16 pin è 10.00 € . Questo prodotto appartiene alla Sound-Way

10.00 €

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